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Pasture Seeders feature baffles to stop seed movement
Davimac Engineering
Davimac’s Pasture Seeders have been designed to increase germination rates of smaller seeds such as Canola, Clover and Ryegrass.
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Galvanised Chaser Bins for Harvesting Grain
Mounted on Bomber or Tractor Tyres, this 18 tonne galvanized chaser bin is designed with removable full length slide out floor and trap door for easy cleaning
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All purpose fertiliser spreaders can be trailer or truck mounted
Marshall Multispread
The Marshall Multispread can spread both synthetic granular fertilisers such as Urea and Superphosphate, and non-granulated organic products like lime, gypsum and manure.
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Increase efficiency by unloading grain on the go
Davimac Engineering
Heavy Duty Chaser Bins deliver high performance for demanding grain transfer applications.
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Brookfield OmniBin
Handles seed & fertilizer at sowing time, stock feed out and another grain trailer during harvest
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Agrisem Tillage Equipment from Farmtech’
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GPS Corrections for Guidance and Steering Systems by OmniSTAR
With a range of services on offer from sub-metre to centimetre accuracy, OmniSTAR has a solution to suit all precision farming requirements.
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Chaser bins from McDougall Weldments
McDougall Weldments
Provide the simple solution for your grain transportation with Chaser Bins- available in 12 & 15 inch vertical discharge unloading 7 t/m.
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