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Single Deck Weighbridges

Weighbridges, Weighbridge Software and Weighbridge Systems from Accuweigh
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier and installer of weighbridge systems and truck scales. With branches in all mainland states, Accuweigh are dedicate to providing the finest weighbridges, weighbridge software and weighbridge systems in Australia. ...
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Accuweigh sells more weighbridges in Australia than any other company. We have the right solutions in weighbridges, axle scales, wheel weigh pads and onboard weighing systems for fitting to trucks and trailers. We also supply transducer based weighing ...
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Twin deck weighbridges
Supplier news
31/10/12 - Accuweigh has installed and commissioned over 1000 different sized weighbridges in Australia.
Relocatable Steel Weighbridges
Supplier news
27/08/10 - Accuweigh has released relocatable steel deck weighbridges, which are assembled using modular sections to allow weighbridges to be constructed in varying lengths using common components.

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