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Slug Baits and Snail Baits by AgNova
AgNova Technologies
AgNova offers an effective slug and snail bait product called Metarex which provides fast, consistent control even under wet and difficult conditions.
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Aqua-Tech Agri is a range of specialty polymer products developed for sealing dams and ponds in agriculture and horticultural applications.
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AgNova Technologies is an Australian company that sources, develops and distributes agricultural chemical and non-chemical products for crop protection. Products include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and non-chemical technologies.
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Pestmaster weed killer
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24/01/13 - The Pestmaster products from Aqua-Tech AGRI mainly consist of weedkiller and snail and slug killer formulations.
Slugs are silent killers that can wreak havoc in emerging crops
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27/03/12 - A premium slug bait available from AgNova Technologies is being used by Australian farmers to control the growth and spread of slugs among crops.
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04/11/09 - The Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority has approved a new use for the premium all weather slug and snail bait, Metarex, from AgNova Technologies.

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