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Compact Evolution trailing broadacre sprayer
Supplier news
28/05/12 - The Compact Evolution from Goldacres is a best-selling range of trailing broadacre sprayers known for their durability, simplicity and precision spray application.
EXAIR’s safety air gun with chip shield
Supplier news
16/05/12 - EXAIR offers a comprehensive range of safety air guns including precision safety air guns, soft grip safety air guns and heavy duty safety air guns.
11.025 Billericay farm Services Air Bubble Jet
Supplier news
14/05/12 - Billericay Farm Services (BfS) nozzle calculator can improve the quality of a spray job whilst increasing safety.
Field boundary mapping from Househam
Supplier news
14/05/12 - Fieldmaster offers field boundary mapping as well as GPS guidance, Auto Section Control and Variable Rate Application.
Tribunil can provide significant  residual weed control
Supplier news
14/05/12 - Onion growers are able to control post emergent weeds in the early stages with Tribunil herbicide.
Type 24216A-NYB Triple Nozzle Body available from DOM Distribution
Supplier news
10/05/12 - The Teejet Type 24216A-NYB Triple Nozzle Body for wet booms is designed to simplify the changing of spray tips in the field.
Ashmore Engineering Trailed Urea Booms
Supplier news
10/05/12 - The Trailed Urea Boom from Ashmore Engineering is easy to operate and ensures an accurate spreading pattern.
Crop Cruiser Evolution sprayer from Goldacres
Supplier news
08/05/12 - Goldacres’ Crop Cruiser Evolution sprayer is designed and built for safety and fuel efficient.
All Clear DS tank cleaner from AgNova uses three-way mode of action to strip off pesticide residues, lock them up and break them down
Supplier news
26/03/12 - AgNova Technologies presents All Clear DS tank cleaner formulated to remove pesticide traces and deposits from spray equipment including the tank, spray boom, hoses, filters and nozzles.
Damage to chickpea crop is suspected to be from herbicide residues.
Supplier news
22/03/12 - All Clear is a unique tank and equipment cleaner which has been tested and proven effective on the key problem herbicides in Australia.
The Special Evolution sprayers
Supplier news
28/02/12 - The Special Evolution from Goldacres has long been the benchmark in value for money spraying equipment.
Standard model sprayers - 'Prairie Evolution'
Supplier news
28/02/12 - Goldacres offers a comprehensive range of standard model sprayers. All their spraying equipment is Australian made.

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