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By allowing operators to distribute chemicals from inside a tractor cab, the Safe Scrub Sprayer significantly reduces the risk of chemical exposure
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14/02/12 - 15 year old Irish school student Marie Ní Mháirtín has created a new design for a tractor weedkiller sprayer that promises to significantly reduce the risk of chemical exposure for farm workers.
Heliwork's helicopters make it simple to tackle complicated spraying jobs
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09/02/12 - These helicopters are fully equipped with 10,000 litre tanker, mixing facility and GPS to tackle even the most challenging of spraying jobs.
Soil wetting agents
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08/02/12 - SST Australia offers a number of soil wetting agents, including the Aquaforce, a premium wetting agent for difficult to wet turf.
Universal Flo & Hi-Flo Pressure Regulators
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30/11/11 - Universal Flo & Hi-Flo pressure regulators are designed to fix a varying inlet pressure to a set outlet pressure, in spite of changes in the system pressure.
The Orbitor pivot sprinklers have no body struts for debris to hang on
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16/11/11 - These innovative pivot sprinklers provide an irrigation solution that helps to spread water droplets evenly and consistently without misting.
Hardi sprayer nozzles
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25/10/11 - HARDI has produced sprayers since 1957, so they are in a good position to understand that sprayer nozzles are very important components.
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17/10/11 - Spotjet spray guns are the standard spray guns for many of Selecta's ranges of 12 volt spray units.
Ultra Sonic 13048TRS boom sprays
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14/10/11 - Sonic Boomsprays has released its new model the Ultra Sonic 13048TRS boom sprays.
The EXAIR range of compressed air guns are ideal for cleaning, drying and blow off
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13/10/11 - This range of compressed air guns offer a safe cleaning, drying and blow off solution. They have been ergonomically engineered for extended use.
Commander TerraForce field sprayers
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21/09/11 - Commander TerraForce sprayers are one of Hardi Australia's most ambitious recent developments.
Air Ride 6000 Self Propelled Sprayers
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09/08/11 - The Air Ride 6000 Self Propelled Sprayer is the flagship of the Househam Self Propelled range.
Strahman M-70 automatic water saving spray nozzle
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01/08/11 - To combat the lost of water from leaking spray nozzles during the washdown process, Spray Nozzle Engineering has released the Automatic Water Saver Series of spray nozzles from Strahman.

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