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Spring Tyne Harrows

Continuous solid pull during cornering prevents snap back
Geronimo Farm Equipment
The range of Contour Commander Brandt Heavy Harrows delivers superior seed bed preparation with the ability to effectively work on both high and low ground simultaneously.
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The longer tines for Alpego Twin Force Power Harrows create a smoother finish with speed
High performance agriculture harrows, the patented Alpego Twin Force system increases reliability and efficiency.
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Exceptional performance K-Line 1075 Series has made this model a industry leading and popular choice
K-Line Agriculture
High performance K-Line 1000 Series Mounted Spring Tine Harrows have excellent trash handling and levelling properties.
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Geronimo was established in 1995 and specializes in the distribution of grain handling and storage products throughout Australia. Twister silos and Brandt agricultural equipment are manufactured in Canada and have been serviced and sold by Geronimo since ...
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Gendore is a family owned company and supplies a range of new and used farming machinery including tractors, primary and secondary cultivation equipment, spraying equipment, seeding equipment, grass harvesting and stock feeding machinery.
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K-Line Agriculture is an Australian owned, family run business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of quality agricultural machinery.With a focus on research and product development, K-Line has established a reputation for producing efficient, ...
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