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AUSTELA believes that solar thermal power makes sense both economically and environmentally
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10/07/12 - The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association was formed in January 2011 with the aim of improving the investment environment for solar thermal power generation in Australia.
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
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09/07/12 - The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) is an arm of the Australian Government’s Official Development Assistance Program.
BAA works to foster friendships and support networks between biodynamic farmers from diverse backgrounds
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28/06/12 - Formed in 1989, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia is a not-for-profit company that focuses on promoting biodynamic growing methodology at all levels of food production across Australia.
The CEC advocates for the development and deployment of all clean energy technologies, such as solar power
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27/06/12 - The Clean Energy Council is a not-for-profit industry association that represents Australia's clean energy sector, with more than 600 member companies operating in renewable energy and energy efficien
While the methodology deals specifically with pork production, it could be adapted for use across a range of livestock industries
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22/06/12 - The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has outlined a new offsets methodology that may allow livestock producers to earn carbon credits by reducing methane emissions.
Conservation Agriculture and No-till Farming Association (CANFA) supports sustainable conservation agriculture
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22/06/12 - The Conservation Agriculture and No-till Farming Association (CANFA) represents farmers involved in profitable yet sustainable conservation agriculture in central and southern New South Wales.
Electric fencing and accessories
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18/06/12 - EFS introduces a new product to the rural market.
Flexi-Coil’s seeders are available at a 15% discount on top of the 15% currently being offered under the Federal Government’s No Till Tax Incentive
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28/05/12 - Flexi-Coil is matching the Federal Government’s 15% No Till Tax Incentive with an additional 15% discount to offer customers total savings of 30% on the cost of new seeding equipment.
Jim Maitland has been nominated for this year’s Young Farmer of the Year award for establishing an innovative sideline business on his farm
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24/05/12 - One of this year’s Young Farmer of the Year Award nominees has set up an innovative sideline business to add value to existing farm outputs.
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20/04/12 - The Greenland Systems electric boosted solar hot water system is available from Australian Sun Energy. This system incorporates electric power as a back-up.
Yellowtail windmills
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18/04/12 - Originally known as Metters "M" windmills, Yellowtail windmills have now been in production for over forty years.
Solar panels
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18/04/12 - Agrisolar offers a variety of solar panels, including Sanyo HIT Panels. These solar panels boast a cell efficiency of 18.9%.

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