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Swing Blade

Peterson Portable Sawmills supply a range of portable mills including All Terrain Sawmills, Swing blade Mills, Winch Production Frame Mills, Dedicated Wide Slabbers, Blades and Accessories.
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The Point Doctor rebuilds knife points to ensure the life of your blades is longer and more efficient. Using tungsten covering, blades used for digging and tillage can be repaired, rebuilt to extend the life of the point and save ...
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Lucas Mill was established in March 1994 commencing operations in a small farm shed. We believe in providing high quality products at affordable prices, offering a comprehensive range of portable timber sawmills, circular swing blade, slabbing ...
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Sawmills from Lucas Mill
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02/07/09 - The circular swing-blade portable sawmill has been Lucas Mill's flagship product for over 13 years.
Slabbing mills
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02/07/09 - Lucas Mill produces two slabbing options – the dedicated slabber and the slabbing attachment.
Slabbing Attachments
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02/07/09 - Slabbing Attachments are available to fit all Lucas Mill Models, and are compatible with both new and old machines.

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