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Termite Bait Traps

Bait is added to the top of the trap
Termite Trap
Protect your property from termites for the next ten years with termite traps that are so simple to use you can set them up yourself.
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Trimec Pest Solutions has been providing a range of pest control products and services for over 10 years including rat control, mice baits, cockroach, bed bugs, flies and spider control, termite inspections, termite barriers and related pest control ...
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Termite Trap specialise in Termite Control Monitoring Systems for Termite Treatment. Products include DIY termite bait, termite monitors to be placed around homes and timber structures and The Termite How-to-Guide. Termite Trap also offer a free termite ...
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Termite colony baiting
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16/01/13 - There is little point in tearing apart the timbers and spraying the scurrying termites because back at the nest, the queen is laying about 2000 eggs — a day!
Termite traps
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16/01/13 - Ten years ago about 80% of homeowners did nothing but hope; the rest used a professional to come and look and spray once a year.

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