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Thread Repair Kits from Seal-Lock Australia
Seal-Lock Australia Pty Ltd
The Seal-Lock Thread Repair Kit is the simplest, strongest, quickest and most cost effective way to repair a damaged thread.
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Seal-Lock Australia has been supplying Australia wide engine sealants, retainers and lubricant sealing solutions for over 15 years. The product range includes seal tabs, spark repair sealants, cold fusion crack repairs, fluid weld, TMT and synthetic ...
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Assorted Bag Closer Services provides service to all models of bag closers plus parts, thread needles and oil.
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03/07/08 - Assorted Bag Closer Services offers Newlong NP-7A and Fischbein series of bag closer machines.
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02/07/08 - Assorted Bag Closer Services supplies a diverse range of bag closer machines.
Supplier news
01/07/08 - Assorted Bag Closer Services specialises in providing maintenance services for bags.

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