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Hard working Penetrator delivers the results of a high performance cultivator and primary tillage in one solution
Gyral Implements
Versatile Penetrator from Gyral Implements engineering delivers quality cultivation results necessary for modern farming.
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Effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation
K-Line Agriculture
The K-Line Speedtiller® is an essential machine for soil management, it has been designed for strength and durability and is an effective disc-tilling mach
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Zero Tech is a family owned contract farming business that specialises in zero till and minimum till operations. They also provide tillage equipment, trucks, tippers and tankers for the farming and agricultural sectors.
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K-Line Agriculture is an Australian owned, family run business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of quality agricultural machinery.With a focus on research and product development, K-Line has established a reputation for producing efficient, ...
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Farm Supplies Machinery and Equipment established in 1944, are a company specialising in the manufacturing and sales of high quality products for the farming industry. Almost all products are manufactured in Australia ensuring a great ...
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Gyral Implements designs, manufactures and markets a range of products including seeding, tillage and direct drill machines to suit the cereal grain growing areas of Australia. Belt spreaders, manure spreaders and a silage feed-out wagon for the dairy ...
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Speed tilling from K-Line Industries
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04/02/13 - Efficient disc-tilling machines can both cut and evenly distribute trash producing a protective barrier which prevents moisture loss and improves trash flow in tine seeders.

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