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Furphy heavy duty water carts with Aussie Fire Chief fire pumps
Supplier news
01/05/12 - Furphy water carts, available from Australian Pump Industries, feature Aussie Fire Chief, a world-leading fire pump
The AFR50 5 wheel rakes
Supplier news
29/03/12 - FarmTech Machinery offers AFR50 5 wheel rakes. Weighing 195 Kg, these wheel rakes feature 160 fingers and have a minimum Hp requirement of 30 hp - 50 hp.
Agricultural machinery
Supplier news
27/03/12 - Centracks Machinery has specialized in the sales and service of agricultural machinery for 20 years now.
Keech solution overcomes pivot wear in agricultural machinery
Supplier news
14/02/12 - The Expander System, distributed through Keech Australia, is a cost effective and long wearing solution to pivot wear in agricultural machinery.
These powerful lighting towers are ideal for use in even the most rugged environments
Supplier news
10/02/12 - These new lighting towers are rugged and robust as well as easy to transport and manoeuvre; offering up to 36,000 metres of light output.
Supplier news
17/01/12 - The eCo-shot LPG fuel injection system for turbo diesel vehicles and applications offers a number of significant benefits.
The Aussie Chopper wood splitters
Supplier news
06/12/11 - Whitlands Engineering have developed the user-friendly Aussie Chopper WS150 and WS3150 Wood Splitters with the hire and rental market in mind.
These stand on mowers offer comfort, flexibility, stability and speed to their operators
Supplier news
16/11/11 - These stand on mowers are compact and easy to transport, offering stabiltiy and comfort to operators.
Bull Mixa concrete mixers
Supplier news
16/11/11 - David Hollingsworth from Carmila, South of Mackay says that Bull-Mixa concrete mixers turn the task of concrete mixing into a one man job.
The 47 series spading machine is more fuel efficient than traditional plows
Supplier news
08/11/11 - Research has shown that these spading machines are an energy efficient alternative to ploughs.
SKCS 4100 grain analysers
Supplier news
20/10/11 - SKCS 4100 grain analysers can actually offer readings for each and every kernel, automatically.
HV-60KGL Series Industrial Bench Scales
Supplier news
19/10/11 - These industrial bench scales boast automatic triple range operation for maximum accuracy and a standard RS232C interface.

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