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Trapping Services

Remotely Monitor with uSee Cameras by Harrington Systems
Harrington Systems Electronics
Solar Powered or 240V, portable Remote Monitoring Cameras and tank levels. Pictures and data can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet.
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Traps and hardware suitable for feral pests, and dogs, cats, birds, dingos and foxes, stray animal control and native wildlife relocation. Wlildlife monitoring camera for field research, catch and release trapping and native animal relocations. Also ...
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Harrington Systems Electronics manufacture a range of electronic products such as uSee Remote Monitoring, uSee Camera, uSee Satellite, uSee Tank Level and The Pipe Reader- NLIS Tag Reader.  Based in Olga Downs, North West Queensland. 
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Trail Cameras Australia provides a wide range of wildlife monitoring solutions such as hunting cameras, trap software, covert security, rural security cameras, cable locks, solar panel cameras and other related products. Trail Cameras Australia also ...
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22/07/08 - Professional Trapping Services, based in Queensland, supplies quality canine traps, animal control and rescue products designed and manufactured by animal control professionals and other animal handlers.
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21/07/08 - Professional Trapping Services provides quality aluminium folding traps such as the Sherman trap and 48F Tru-Catch folding trap. These traps are ideal for domestic pets and transportation purposes. The Sherman trap is available in three different sizes ...
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18/07/08 - Professional Trapping Services supplies a range of quality traps such as bird traps, mouse traps, spring loaded net traps and throw net traps. The various models of bird traps from the company are the PT385 pigeon trap, MP310 spring door magpie trap, ...

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