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Our product range includes food safety and food quality tests for food processors and manufacturers as well as their suppliers: Petrifilm for food microbiology. SMID for salmonella, other rapid microbiology tests such as Listeria or QC cultures, HACCP ...
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Perten Instruments provides cost effective instruments for meaningful and rapid results to cereal grain producers, traders and processors. Testing instruments include near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) analysers and detectors, whole grain analysers, grain ...
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The new RVA 4500 viscosity analyser
Supplier news
12/08/11 - The new RVA 4500 viscosity analyser, available from Perten Instruments Australia, combines exceptional sensitivity and accuracy when analysing low viscosity samples.
Bostwick Consistometers
Supplier news
03/08/11 - The Bostwick consistometers are compact bench-top instruments designed to precisely check laboratory or production samples against consistency, viscosity or flow rate standards.

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