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Weighbridges, Weighbridge Software and Weighbridge Systems from Accuweigh
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier and installer of weighbridge systems and truck scales. With branches in all mainland states, Accuweigh are dedicate to providing the finest weighbridges, weighbridge software and weighbridge systems in Australia. ...
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Accuweigh sells more weighbridges in Australia than any other company. We have the right solutions in weighbridges, axle scales, wheel weigh pads and onboard weighing systems for fitting to trucks and trailers. We also supply transducer based weighing ...
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This in-motion weighbridge was commissioned to eliminate overloading for the ADF
Supplier news
14/02/12 - These in-motion weighbridges are unmanned and, with a suitable length approach, can be certified for generating gros vehicle weight tickets.
Grain Weighbridge Software terminal
Supplier news
12/01/10 - Grain Weighbridge Software from Accuweigh was recently installed on the weighbridge at Western Milling’s Port Adelaide plant in South Australia.
Heavy Duty Platform Scales
Supplier news
01/10/09 - Accuweigh’s Victorian branch recently installed heavy duty platform scales for a metals processing company in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.
Portable Axle Weighbridge
Supplier news
29/09/09 - Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently supplied the necessary components and technical advice to allow a vineyard owner to manufacture his own portable weighbridge.
Weighbridge For Extra Mass Permit Vehicles
Supplier news
06/08/09 - Accuweigh’s Perth branch recently completed commissioning of a weighbridge for weighing trucks with extra mass permits at Rocla’s Sand Quarry in Ellenbrook WA.
Mechanical Weighbridges
Supplier news
29/07/09 - Mechanical weighbridges located at Norwin (west of Toowoomba) were recently re-commissioned by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane.
Accuweigh’s industrial scales
Supplier news
23/07/09 - Large industrial scales were recently commissioned by Accuweigh for weighing waste sewerage by-product at the Merrimac Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Supplier news
07/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Perth branch recently installed grain weighbridge software at a weighbridge owned by Kojonup Grain Handlers.
Split weighing
Supplier news
01/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch recently added another weighbridge deck to a clients existing weighbridge to eliminate the need for split weighing long trucks.
Weighbridge Testing
Supplier news
01/07/09 - Weighbridge testing was recently performed by Accuweigh’s QWM branch on two weighbridges belonging to New Hope Corporation.
Accuweigh’s modular weighbridge
Supplier news
24/06/09 - Accuweigh’s QWM branch recently supplied a modular weighbridge for weighing shipping containers prior to loading onto small “island hopper” ships that distribute freight to the smaller ports in the Solomon Islands.
Platform scales
Supplier news
18/06/09 - Accuweigh recently supplied two sets of platform scales to SP Hay on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

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