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Weather stations, sprayer stations, data loggers, colour/pH measurement.
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Campbell Scientific Australia supplies a complete range of data acquisition systems, data loggers, sensors, peripherals and telemetry options for all environmental and industrial applications. Campbell Scientific measurement systems are used extensively ...
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Real-time Water Quality Profiling System
Supplier news
21/10/09 - John Morris Scientific is proud to present the new YSI “Automatic Vertical Profiling System” for fully automatic profiling of rivers, estuaries, lakes, dams and storages.
SC-900 Soil Compaction Meter
Supplier news
24/09/09 - Soil compaction prevents moisture penetration, reduces fertiliser and chemical utilization and hinders plant growth. In some cases, yield losses can run as high as 30% due to soil compaction.
Isco’s Stormwater Monitoring Package
Supplier news
28/07/09 - Isco’s storm water monitoring package has proven reliability for Council stormwater programs, wetlands monitoring, agricultural run-off studies, and a range of other research applications.
The WatchDog Sprayer Station - effective pesticide application
Supplier news
27/07/09 - Spectrum Technologies have released the new WatchDog Sprayer Station for effective management of pesticide application.
Spectrum SpecMaps
Supplier news
24/07/09 - Spectrum Technologies are pleased to introduce an upgrade to their SpecMaps web mapping utility.
IPM Scope - Plant Health and Pest Microscope
Supplier news
23/07/09 - John Morris Scientific is pleased to introduce Spectrum’s IPM Scope. The IPM Scope combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope and imaging software
WatchDog 3680SM 2-Sensor irrigation management system
Supplier news
22/07/09 - John Morris Scientific is pleased to introduce Spectrum Technologies’ Irrigation Station.

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