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Designed and manufactured in Australia, BROOKFIELD boasts over 20 years experience supplying quality agricultural machinery to Australian farmers - specialising in tillage and grain handling equipment including: rotary disc and prickle chain harrows, ...
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Bryemax Pty Ltd, manufactures the Garnelle range of equipment. Bryemax Pty Ltd is a general engineering company, specialising in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of agricultural machinery and equipment.
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Barossa Machinery Services provide a range of used equipment including forklifts, field bins, chaser bins and combine harvesters.
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Bromar Engineering provide a range of farming equipment including sheep feeders, multifeeders, cattle feeding equipment, hay feeders, bandseeders, canola fronts and mother bins.
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Dunstan Farmers design and manufacture a range of bulk grain bins including mobile field bins from 50 tonne to 110 tonne, chaser bins from 15 tonne to 36 tonne and grain bins. Dustan Farmers also supply seeder bins, rippers, crowders and folding smudgers.
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Dunstan Farmers Engineering 110 tonne Field Bin
Supplier news
25/09/06 - Dunstan Farmers Engineering field bins are constructed to an extremely high standard of quality; tough, durable and designed to meet the needs of all farmers in the grain handling industry.

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